I Have a Structured Settlement, and I Need Cash Now


I Have a Structured Settlement, and I Need Cash Now

You have a reason to rejoice if you have a structured settlement. You have payments that will keep coming to you for an extended period of time. However, you may be a little bit on edge because you have to wait for all of your payments, and they may be small. You may need a large sum of money now for a large purchase or to keep you afloat while you are recovering from your injury. Your structured settlement may seem sub-par if you are unable to do that with it. The good news is that you can use your settlement to get cash now if you need it.

You Can Sell Your Structured Settlement

i have a structured settlement and i need cash nowYes, it is true that buyers take structured settlements from people who need a lump sum of cash. It is true that you can sell your structured settlement as early as today. Companies exist that strictly deal with people who are in your same position. You do not have to beg family members and friends for help with your bills while you wait for your yearly, quarterly or monthly settlement payment. You can contact one of these settlement buyers today and just sell a portion of your settlement at that time. You can sell the entire thing if you like. You will be glad that you put forth the effort.

 Qualities to Look for in a Buyer

You will want to find a reputable buyer if you go the route of selling your structured settlement. You can ask friends and family members for a referral, or you can opt to use the Yellow Pages or search engines for a list of companies that focus on purchasing structured settlements. The elements that you should look for are positive consumer reviews, excellent per-dollar rates, glowing customer service and statistics that show success with a number of clients. Additionally, high Better Business Bureau ratings are a plus.

How the Process Works

Structured SettlementThe process starts when you first contact the buyer with your inquiry. The buyer contacts you back and then asks you some questions about your case. Most structured settlement buyers want to speak to your attorney just to gauge the clarity and gain some validity on the case. After the buyer reviews your case, that person will then make an offer to you. You can either accept or reject the offer that gets handed to you. If you accept it, then you may be able to get cash in your hands within one or two days. You can use the money for any purpose you like such as catching up on your bills or taking a vacation. Buyers have no control over what you do with the funds. Personal freedom is what you will get in exchange for your “structured” settlement.

Contact Someone Today

Call a local structured settlement buyer and get the process started ASAP. Just let someone know that you would like to sell your settlement and receive the most money that you can get for it possible. A specialist will be delighted to work with you on the matter. You can make your initial contact by short form or telephone call.

Many civil lawsuits, especially personal injury cases, are settled by both parties before they go to trial. This course of action is taken in most cases in order to avoid the high costs of a trial and to provide a quicker resolution to the suit.

Once a dollar amount for damages is agreed upon, payment is made using one of two arrangements: a structured settlement or in a lump sum. Both plans have pros and cons depending upon individual circumstances.

Structured Settlement

If you opt for a structured settlement in a lawsuit, you’ve agreed to accept payments over time. The term could be in years or even throughout your lifetime. In essence, you’ve passed up the opportunity to collect the money award in one lump sum as an agreement to settle the lawsuit and avoid any further litigation.

Structured SettlementStructured settlements are often handled through brokers who specialize in settlement cases. The settlement amount is used to purchase an annuity through a life insurance program. A payment program is then set up based on the term of years and the monthly amount you want to receive.

Once the settlement plan is enforce, there is very little chance that you will be able to change it in order to receive money for an emergency. There are companies, however, that will buy your structured settlement at a discount price and pay you off with the net proceeds. Once a free-wheeling market with little oversight, most states now require a court hearing before a structured settlement can be purchased by a third party.

Lump Sum Payout

There may be circumstances where the winning party prefers an immediate payout of the entire amount due them. Age may be a factor. Someone seventy-six years old would be more inclined to cash out rather than someone in their mid-forties who has a longer lifespan ahead of them.

Financial needs also play a part in choosing a lump sum payment. Maybe the cash can save a house from foreclosure or avoid a pending personal bankruptcy.

Pros and Cons of a Structured Settlement


  • Structured SettlementIn most cases, a structured settlement has the benefit of being tax free income. Some exceptions do occur. For instance, if part of the settlement was for punitive damages, that amount is subject to taxation. For the most part, however, the payment provide tax-free income.
  • Structured settlements provide guaranteed income over the life of the agreement.
  • Annuity payments are protected by many states’ insurance laws. This guarantees the obligation of the insurance company to make the payments. And in cased the insurance company becomes insolvent, most states have a safety net that insures the payments will continue.
  • In cases where both parties are far apart in a financial agreement to end the lawsuit, a structured settlement offer might may make be more acceptable to both parties than a lump sum amount.


Certain parts of a settlement, like attorney fees, can be taxed,

  • Inflation can make the monthly payment have less purchasing power as time goes by. What seemed like a payment amount that could cover your living expenses at the time the agreement was first singed may prove to be too small in the years.
  • Insurance companies payout less over time with annuity payments than if they were to pay the upfront lump sum amount. This information was often not disclosed to the winning party in order to make the structured settlement plan more attractive. Most states now have disclosure laws that require the insurance companies to reveal the actual dollar amounts of both settlement options and all of the costs involved.

The Basics on a Structured Settlement

A structured settlement is a way that you can receive periodic payments for a legal settlement that you have received in installments rather than in one lump sum. You may have first heard of structured settlements from television ads encouraging you to sell them in order to cash out with a chunk of change available right away. This can seem like a convenient solution for people who need cash right away to pay off a large debt or make a down payment on a significant purchase.

One of the reasons that an injured party might prefer a structured settlement is that it is a way to shelter some of the income that you might make from investing the settlement from taxes.

Deciding Whether a Genex Capital Structured Settlement is Right for You

Genex Capital Structured Settlement ReviewIf you are considering your options in selling your structured settlement plan, you might want to work with a company that moves quickly in getting you your money. This is where Genex Capital receives its most favorable reviews. In general, Genex Capital is able to get cash payments to their customers in as little as four to six weeks. In addition, Genex Capital has a fairly simple application process, which means that you will not have to waste time answering countless questions or supplying too much personal information.

Genex Capital has streamlined the evaluation process so that you will receive an answer as quickly as possible about the cash value of your structured settlement and how quickly you can expect to receive your money. It is worth requesting a free quote from Genex Capital to find out how much your structured settlement could be worth as a cash payment before you sign any other company’s agreement. It is recommended that you consult with more than one company in selling your structured settlement so that you get a general idea of how valuable your structured settlement could be in the current market. You should be sure to check into any company that you sell your structured settlement to so that youGenex Capital Structured Settlement Review 1 are certain you are working with a legitimate operation.

It is also worth considering that you do not necessarily have to sell the entire amount of your structured settlement in order to get some cash up front. If you only need a certain amount of cash to be able to put a down payment on a house or finance a car, then you might not need to sell the entire value of your structured settlement plan at once. You should think carefully about the tax consequences of this arrangement. It may be worth consulting with an accountant before you pull the trigger on selling your structured settlement because you do not want to burden yourself with unintended tax consequences of getting some money in the short-term.

The Periodic Payment Settlement Act (PPSA) was made law in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan. It was designed to promote the use of structured settlements by providing tax incentives. During this time, it became part of the IRS code. It enables a variety of income types to be not be included in gross income when reporting income tax. There is now legislation in place designed to protect the rights of structured settlement owners. It is known as the Structured Settlement Protection Act (SSPA) and became law in 2002. These are a set of laws that protects structured settlement recipients when it comes to having their long-term regular payout given in a lump sum payment by a third party provider.

Structured Settlements

Structured Settlement 10According to Law Dictionary.org, structured settlements occur when annuities are purchased to make payment after a legal claim is settled. These are funds that will earn interest until they are all paid to an individual legally entitled to receive them. If a person needs to have money for the purchase of a large ticket item or participate in an investment opportunity, their scheduled structured payments may not meet this need. There are companies that will purchase the future payments of an individual’s structured settlement. These companies provide a one-time lump sum cash payment for a percentage of the funds due from a structured settlement. Unfortunately, individuals in the past have often been taken advantage of by dishonest companies. They would pay a fraction of the true value of the settlement amount. There was often no disclosure of hidden fees and other administrative charges. Many people sold all of their future payments and were left with little or no money. This resulted in individuals experiencing financial devastation. States around the country began to enact legislation to prevent this situation from occurring. In 2002, the federal government got involved and passed the SSPA.


The SSPA was designed to make selling a structured settlement more difficult. One of the main influences for the law was the protection of individuals receiving settlements following the events that occurred on 9/11. According to Settlements.org, it was intended to make certain individuals were aware of the consequences involved with selling their structured settlement for a lump sum payment.


People who are considering selling their structured settlement can get advice from a financial professional concerning everything involved with getting a lump-sum payment.


Prior to a structured settlement being sold, it has to be approved in a court of law. The judge will decide if the conditions of the sale will benefit the seller. The judge has the authority to prevent such a sale from going forward.


If a sale occurs that doesn’t meet with a court’s approval, it will be subject to a 40 percent excise tax. This will be applied at the time of transfer.

judgemoneyCANCEL SALE

Any individual who is selling their structured settlement has the right to cancel the sale within a specified period of time. The time is determined by the state where the structured settlement recipient resides.


When a person is considering selling their structured settlement, the purchaser must provide them with full disclosure regarding fees or any other expenses associated with the sale. This must be done prior to the sale taking place.

Tax-Free Status

One of the most significant changes brought about by the SSPA was the tax-free status given structured settlement income. According to annuity.org, there is language in the law that confuses many annuitants. The settlement providers are not able to defer, accelerate, decrease or increase the payment amounts at the request of the recipient. Should the distribution change, the funds received from the settlement could lose their tax-free status. When this happens, the recipient would be required to pay taxes on the amount they receive that is different from the settlement amount.

In some situations, you may find yourself receiving monthly payments, such as from insurance payouts or the settlement of a lawsuit. Those payments are known as structured settlements. However, many people may prefer their payout in one lump sum instead of in regular monthly amounts. If you are in that situation, you will want to use a company to help you get all of your money in one lump sum. JG Wentworth is one of the most popular names in that area. It is one of the biggest buyers of structured settlements and offers a wide variety of additional financial services. Knowing more about the company can help you in determining whether you want to use them for your structured settlement.

JG Wentworth structured settlement ReviewJG Wentworth not only offers an option for consumers to receive a single lump sum payment for their settlements, but it also provides several other financial services. Some of those include prepaid cards, mortgages and even personal loans. JG Wentworth is also the owner of Peachtree Financial, another reasonably known buyer of structured settlements.

One of the biggest reasons you might want to rely on JG Wentworth to get your cash immediately instead of in monthly amounts is because you have significant medical bills. Another reason might be because you are looking to make a sizeable purchase, such as a down payment on a new home. JG Wentworth can help by buying future payments of your structured settlement annuity in exchange for one lump sum cash payment.

While this is a good way to get all of your money in one lump sum, it’s important to keep in mind that when you rely on this service, you will be selling your settlement at a discount. In other words, when you use JG Wentworth, you will not receive your full settlement amount. You can find out beforehand how much you will receive by contacting the company for a quote. There are different factors that come into play that determine the exact amount you will receive, including the length of your settlement and the total amount of each monthly payment.

When you use JG Wentworth’s service to get your settlement in a single lump sum amount, a judge needs to approve the sale of the settlement to the company. Furthermore, depending on the state in which you live, you may be required to speak with a financial adviser about your situation. After using the company’s service, however, it can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to receive your money.

Another service that JG Wentworth offers is help with pre-settlement funding. That means that if you are involved in litigation, the company can help you get some of your settlement prior to the closing of the case. This money is not considered a loan and is instead part of the settlement you will eventually receive, but you receive it in advance.

JG Wentworth structured settlement Review 2JG Wentworth buys not only structured settlement annuities but inheritance money, mortgage notes and even lottery winnings. That means you can have the company convert that money into a single lump sum amount as well if you would rather not get monthly payments.

At the end of the day, it is up to you if you really want to use JG Wentworth. If you think that it is worth losing some money from your total settlement amount in favor of receiving a single lump sum instead of monthly payments, then it is worth it. However, if you want every penny you are due, you might be better of avoiding JG Wentworth or any other company that offers such services.

Imperial Structured Settlements, LLC is a specialty finance company. It buys structured settlement annuities and payment rights from people in exchange for a certain amount of cash. The company was formerly referred to as Washington Square Financial, LLC. It changed its name to Imperial Structured Settlement, LLC in 2008. Imperial Structured Settlements is located in Boca Raton, Florida. It was established in 2007and is a subsidiary of Imperial Finance & Trading, LLC.

Imperial Structured Settlements deal with structured settlements such as medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, and wrongful death. Imperial will ensure that you get the appropriate structured settlement to suit the situation if you face any of these issues. Imperial Structured Settlement is headed by Antony Mitchell who is the CEO of the company. It is committed to providing its clients with the best-structured settlements. Imperial Structured Settlements understands that every customer has different needs and requirements. Imperial offers customized solutions to every client. Customer satisfaction is the priority of the enterprise.

imperial-holdings-inc-logoImperial has employed the most qualified and skilled team of staff members who have intensive knowledge of structured settlements. They have an understanding of how to interact with clients and make them feel at home. Those who have dealt or have ongoing transactions with Imperial say that their experience there is excellent. They have reported that the customer service at Imperial is top notch. The staff members are very welcoming, patient, and kind. These types of reviews have enabled Imperial to gain a reputation as an efficient and reliable company when it comes to structured settlements.

A structured settlement expert will walk you through the entire process and discuss with you the available options and the best one to suit your situation once you walk in at Imperial Structured Settlements. The company ensures that all your questions are answered to satisfaction and that you leave the company a happy person.

A structured settlement may occur due to the following reasons:

  • An insurance settlement
  • A legal claim among two parties or more
  • A court judgment due to a successful lawsuit
  • Structured annuities
  • Entertainment or sports contracts
  • Compensation settlements for workers
  • Gambling winnings such as casino jackpots and lottery

Imperial will provide you with the best solution regardless of your reason for requiring a structured settlement. Imperial Structured Settlements has acquired a lot of experience and expertise for the many years that it has been in the structured settlement service. It only provides its customers the best solutions.

Structured SettlementImperial Structured Settlement is always there to help you if you wish to sell the entire or part of your structured settlement. The company will offer you the option to:

  • Sell a part of it
  • Sell the entire settlement
  • Sell the right to get payments for a particular period

Imperial ensures that there is no risk involved when you decide to sell your structured settlement, unlike other finance companies that deal with structured settlements. The company will first advise you whether it is a good idea to sell it. The staff will then walk you through the entire process in a simple language after you have made a decision. Former or ongoing clients of Imperial Structured Settlement reported that this is the company to go to for your structured settlements. They recommend others to try the firm and enjoy the services.

Imperial will also walk you through all the available options if you are a beneficiary and wish to inherit a structured settlement. The company has an active email support that customers can use to communicate with the enterprise. The call center at the company is always open to very friendly customer care representatives.

The NSSTA (National Structured Settlements Trade Association) has been the top voice in the industry of structured settlements since 1985. There are approximately 1,200 NSSTA members who benefit from the activities of the association up to date. Some of these benefits include:

  • Constant legal analyses and updates of state and federal court decisions, regulations, and laws.
  • Checking of state and congressional legislative activity that puts an impact on the structured settlement industry.
  • Preserving the only site for Internet that is devoted solely to enhancing the benefits of the structures.
  • Carrying on education meetings during the year and hosting professional certification.

national structured settlements trade association reviewStructured settlements are defined as a proven and innovative way of compensating injury victims when it comes to legal settlements. It is a voluntary agreement that exists between the defendant and the injury victim. The US Congress has encouraged structured settlements since 1982. The structured settlement is a stream of periodic payments. It is paid by the defendant to an injured party mostly via the purchase of an annuity that has been directly issued by life insurance companies that are highly rated. The defendant also has the option of self-funding the periodic payments. Structured settlements offer guaranteed and security long-term income tax-free payments to wrongful death lawsuits and victims of physical injury.

Consultants of structured settlement offer services to defendants together with their counsel, the injured parties, family members, and plaintiff attorneys during the whole settlement process so as to establish the injured victim’s needs. The NSSTA has been collaborating with legislators to assist in establishing SSPAs (state structured protection acts) to guard the recipients of payments for structured settlements since the 1990’s. You can trust on NSSTA to help you get your rightful compensation with the help of your attorney incase you get an injury.

Getting insurance companies to settle on payment of injury victims is a struggle. This can be an easy affair with the help of NSSTA. NSSTA also makes sure that you get the proper amount of payment according to the degree and type of injury. The association has a membership application where insurance companies, attorneys, licensed consultants, and other professionals can apply to become members. The members of NSSTA are passionate regarding the work they do in helping injured individuals. They are committed to ensuring there is a fair and just compensation for injury victims. NSSTA strives for excellence and assists its clients in finding the proper solutions to meet the needs of the customers.

Structured SettlementThe NSSTA has a dedicated staff with Eric Vaughn serving as the Executive Director of the Association. He has a Master’s degree in International Economics which he earned from the Maxwell School of Public Policy. Erick has been able to spearhead the strategic goals of the association. He has worked previously in some courts in the US. NSSTA recently launched the NSSTA University whereby members of the association can get their presentations approved for attorneys and adjusters credits applicable towards the compliance of their licenses. This service offers a way for members of NSSTA to make use of education in getting ahead of the industry’s decision makers.

NSSTA has come up with a code of ethics that apply to all members of the association through its board of directors. It states that all members of NSSTA shall offer professional services with fidelity and integrity. It also says that members of NSSTA should acquire and keep the appropriate skills and knowledge so as to assure delivery of a professional service that is of high quality. It states that members are required to exercise reasonable due diligence when conducting structured settlement services.


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