Sell Structured Settlements


Sell Structured Settlements


Are You Currently Receiving Monthly Payments From Your Structured Settlement?

Sell Structured SettlementsWhen you win a personal injury or wrongful death case, the awarded money is often paid in gradual installments known as a structured settlement. But what if a hardship arises—how can you access your awarded money exactly when you need it? You have already won the money and it’s a guaranteed resource, right? Of course.

Sell structured settlements to RSL Funding and get the money you need fast. It’s not a loan and you won’t have to pay the money back. Better still, selling your structured settlement will not affect your credit. We’ll talk with you and reach a mutual agreement about whether you want a lump sum or larger chunks, faster.

We have refined the process of getting cash to customers quickly and efficiently. Our on-hand capital enables us to give a cash advance, even while the approval of the structured settlement purchase is still pending. Many of our customers are those who have found other settlement companies unable to finalize their transfers. We pick up where those other companies fall short. RSL Funding’s affiliated legal department allows us to speed up the purchase of your settlement.

We can get you immediate cash for collateral. It’s just one of the reasons more customers have chosen RSL Funding over any other financial services firm.

Ready to sell your structured settlement? Call now at 800-543-6513 or fill out the short form on the left.

Easy to Sell Structured Settlements

It is easier than you might think to sell structured settlements. RSL Funding will essentially buy a small percentage of your total settlement award. In exchange, you can get all or some of your payment up front. We’ll put in the paperwork so you can get access to your award money faster.

How to Sell Structured Settlement or Annuities

To sell structured settlements to RSL Funding, the best structured settlement buyout company in U.S., complete our Quote Request form or call our toll-free phone number. Our representative will complete the form for you over the phone.

Your Account Executive will provide a quote to you within the very same business day explaining how much we will pay you,

If you accept our quote, we will ask you to complete a short Application which you will sign and return, with the requested attachments.

The following documents are typically required to process the purchase of a settlement or an annuity:

  • Copy of the settlement and release agreement
  • Copy of the annuity contract
  • Copy of the court judgment, if applicable
  • Copy of any changes or assignments to the initial settlement
  • Copy of various personal identification documents (refer to application)
  • Other documents on a case-by-case basis


If the application is completed in its entirety and all requested attachments are received, RSL Funding will start the due diligence process.

After the assignment of your settlement or annuity payments to RSL Funding is complete (which may take a few weeks) we will pay you the total lump sum quoted, less the advanced amount.

Beyond the Fine Print

RSL Funding is committed to giving you all the information you need to know before making any decisions regarding your structured settlement, annuity, or lottery winnings. In general, by selling your payments, you have decided to have access to more of your award money at a greater rate than the court award schedule in return for giving some of that money to a structured settlement company, like RSL Funding.

Before you can sell your structured settlement, be sure that you have full legal right to do so, because oftentimes, the insurance companies involved maintain control of those rights.

When and if you do decide the need is great enough to warrant selling your structured settlement, seek information from a proven, trusted buyer. Choose to do business with the buyer that gives you the fairest quote and the most attentive service.

JG Wentworth’s Shareholders Want Their Money, and They Want It Now

JG Wentworth’s Shareholders Want Their Money, and They Want It Now

JG Wentworth

Structured settlement and annuity buyer JG Wentworth, creator of the ubiquitous slogan “It’s my money and I want it now,” finds itself faced with a declining stock price following duplicitous market practices that have caused customers to lose faith in the once industry-leading settlement buying company.

On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, the JG Wentworth stock (NYSE: JGW) took a steep dive after a continuous decline over the past year, dropping 24.4% on news that earnings would be weaker than expected. Earnings per share for the quarter fell drastically short of analysts’ expectations of $2.12, coming in at $1.79. Based on this disclosure, many analysts decreased their price targets for JG Wentworth’s stock and several issued ‘Hold’ or ‘Buy’ ratings.

Public disclosure of JG Wentworth’s misleading practices broke in May 2012, when a lawsuit was filed accusing the company of deceptive trade practices. At issue was the company’s purchase of a competitor, Peachtree, which JG Wentworth then proceeded to market as a separate entity, leading customers who sought competing quotes from each company to believe that the companies were in competition with one another. In 2009, JG Wentworth had filed for bankruptcy due to insufficient capital, which impeded the company from meeting its financial obligations. In 2011, the company purchased Peachtree, which itself was suffering from similar financial woes.

JG Wentworth stockIn a press statement released by the Structured Settlement Institute, a not-for-profit established to educate sellers of structured settlements on fair and equitable practices, an industry source was quoted as saying, “Customers call Peachtree and then they call Wentworth, thinking that they are getting competitive bids. What customers don’t realize is that they are calling the same company…they work cooperatively, collectively and out of the same office to ensure the customer gets the least value for their future payments.” In some cases, JG Wentworth went as far as trying to block customers from discussing settlement options with competitors, a move that prompted RSL Funding to take the matter to court, with a Texas court ruling awarding RSL Funding the right to offer former JG Wentworth clients more money for their settlements.

Commenting further, the source added that, “Doing business with Wentworth or Peachtree means you are dealing with a single company that has not been able to meet its financial obligations in recent years…Finding a company that has both the financial resources and the desire to deal with you honestly and honorably is essential.”

The recent drop in JG Wentworth’s stock price is indicative of consumers and investors’ waning faith in the company’s ability to meet its financial obligations. Ironically, a company that marketed itself as able to deliver customers their money when they want it is now coming up short on its ability to do so. Not only is this leaving shareholders high and dry, but also JG Wentworth’s customers, who put their faith and trust in the company to act in their best financial interests.

The decision to sell a structured settlement or annuity is not one that is made lightly; the repercussion of such a sale will impact the seller for many years, possibly for life, whether for better or worse. When entrusting such important financial matters to a structured settlement or annuity buyer, customers have the right to demand a fair and transparent process that represents their best interests. It is hard to fathom that a company that cannot successfully manage its own financial affairs would be able to successfully manage those of its customers.

The message for sellers of structured settlements or annuities is simple: Work with a company you can trust. In the structured settlement industry, reputation is key and working with a company that holds itself to a higher standard will result in better financial decision-making and a higher payout. RSL Funding has been an industry leader in pushing for fairer, more transparent competition within the structured settlement industry and always places the interests of its customers first.

If you’re tired of dealing with unscrupulous companies that overpromise and misrepresent their intentions through advertising, contact RSL Funding today at (800) 543-6513 or request a quote online to speak with a representative that will place your financial interests first and help you make the best decision for your future.

6 Ways Selling Your Structured Settlement Makes You A Boss

Structured Settlement

Are you ready to be a boss? As in your own boss; someone who takes control of their future and starts their own business? If so, selling a structured settlement can provide the funds you need to make it over the initial hurdles all new businesses face.

Before you take the plunge, there are several steps you need to take to make sure you start off your business off right. Here are 6 ways selling your structured settlement can help launch a successful venture and set you up for success:

1) Funding Your Business

Bringing the brilliant ideas in your head to fruition takes time and money. Convincing potential customers to choose your business over a competitor requires a professional image, up-front capital and a solid business plan. By selling a structured settlement, you can get the cash you need to make sure your business projects a professional image that sets you apart. Startup costs can include anything from office space, to technology (such as special software or equipment), to a professionally designed logo, and these costs can add up fast. A quick capital boost from selling a structured settlement can help give you the advantage you need to start your business off right.

2) Hiring the Right People

Getting the best people on your team is an essential component of business success. Even if you’re a sole proprietor, building a stellar team of business associates such as lawyers, accountants and advisors is critical. When it comes to attracting top performers in your industry or training new employees, you’re going to need a great Human Resources platform or third party HR group; these are the first steps in building your team. Selling a structured settlement is a great way to get the cash you’ll need to invest in a top rate staff for your business.

Sell Structured Settlement 3) Promoting Your Product / Service

While you may have the best product or service in your industry, nobody knows about you because you’re new to the space– that’s why strong marketing at the onset of a business venture is essential. Marketing can be expensive and sometimes it takes awhile for results to appear; a flyer sent out at the beginning of the month may not start generating calls until the end of the month. For your marketing efforts to really work and deliver the results you’re looking for, you need to stick with it, and this requires money. Selling a structured settlement is a great way to get the financing you need to fund your marketing efforts until you start seeing tangible results.

4) Promoting Yourself

As the owner of a business, you are as important a part as any other, and it’s important to participate in and be known in your community. Get out to as many events as possible, especially those where potential customers or business partners may be present. Volunteer your time and participate in popular community events. By selling a structured settlement, you could receive a lump sum payment of cash that would allow you to host your own community or charity event and really make an impact.

5) Offering Incentives

No matter how great your product or service is, people are generally unwilling to try something new without some kind of incentive. To entice consumers to try your product or service, you will have to provide a fair amount of incentives – such as discounts or giveaways – in the beginning. When offered a discount or free trial, consumers are much more likely to give your business a try. Once they’ve tried your product or service, hopefully they’ll come back and tell their friends about their experience. This can be a very expensive period for new business owners as discounts and free trials cut right into the bottom line. However, for those with a structured settlement, selling payments can provide the funds needed to cover incentive-based costs while you get your product or service out into the market.

6) Be a Real Boss

By selling a structured settlement, you can get the money you need to live your dreams and become your own boss! While starting your own business is a lot of work, imagine the freedom and sense of pride you will have working for yourself and building something from the ground up.

If you’re ready to be a boss, call RSL Funding today at (800) 543-6513 or request a quote online to get the most money for your selling your structured settlement

Why Sell Your Structured SettlementThe saying goes, “The best things come to those who wait.” Well, that isn’t always the case. When financial need arises, waiting for your structured settlement payments to come in may do more harm than good. If you need a lump sum to cover expenses, pay your mortgage, pay outstanding medical bills, buy a new car to get to and from work or for any other reason, selling your structured settlement could work in your favor. Unlike pay day loans or get-rich-quick schemes, your scheduled payments belong to you and you do not have to pay them back.

For a small percentage of your overall payment amount, RSL Funding can buy your structured settlement or annuity, putting you on the road to financial freedom. No more waiting by the mailbox. No more stress—just the peace of mind knowing that you have the cash you need, when you need it.

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement Now?

The initial reasons for opting for a structured settlement depend on the circumstances. Perhaps you were in an accident, and the settlement was put in place to support you in the event that you could not work at some point in the future. Perhaps it was meant to be used as a retirement fund. Maybe, it was a conscious personal finance strategy—you wanted to tuck money away for a rainy day and gradual payments could help you do it. Whatever the reason, your situation may have changed.

Financial need to pay for school, housing, reliable transportation, etc. could arise at any time—sometimes, unexpectedly. Why should you have to wait for slow, gradual payments when you can work with a trusted company like RSL Funding to get a lump sum, faster?

Use your lump sum to:

  • Pay bills
  • Buy New Furniture
  • Pay for College
  • Start a Business
  • Start a New Investment

…and Much More

Why sell your structured settlement now? Selling your structured settlement now is a great alternative to bankruptcy or other measure. It’s your money. So take control of it.

And if you’re worried that your annuity company told you the payments were not assignable, you do have a choice. You have options and are not necessarily locked into a payment arrangement that does not meet your current needs. So call RSL Funding today to get started at 800-543-6513.

How Do I Sell My Structured SettlementIt’s an all-too-common scenario: the security of structured settlement payments is overshadowed by an immediate need for a large lump sum—big bills require big money. Rather than waiting month after month (or quarter after quarter) to get cash-in-hand, you can sell your structured settlement payments–It’s a time-saving option that gives you access to the cash you need, without the worry of paying it back.

But what comes next? Recipients looking to boost their income might ask the question, “How do I sell my structured settlement?” Well, we’ve created a simple, no-fuss process that easily addresses those very concerns. In addition, our representatives are knowledgeable and will be there to guide you every step of the way.

How to Sell Your Structured Settlement to RSL Funding

Step 1 – The first step starts with a call or a request for a quote. Send us a short message explaining who you are, your current situation, and any other information you consider to be relevant.

Step 2 – One of our Senior Account Executives will contact you with information about the worth of your structured settlement. If you accept our offer, the Senior Account Executive will collect any necessary information needed for your application to be complete.

Step 3 – Once you submit the signed contract, we will verify any necessary information before sending along our transfer agreement. Our agreement details the upcoming actions RSL Funding plans to take and ensures that you understand what these actions mean and how they affect you.

Step 4 – RSL Funding files a petition with your state’s court. A petition is essentially a request for action by the court, and generally precedes a court hearing. Once a hearing date is set, RSL Funding will contact you and all related parties (such as your annuity issuers and owners) to inform you of your upcoming date.

Step 5 – RSL Funding will continue to process your transfer by remaining in contact with your structured settlement issuer in preparation for the hearing date. There will be a court-sanctioned “waiting period” of 30 days between the date of your contract filing by RSL Funding and the court hearing to prevent any future claims of “coercion.” At this stage, you are free to seek independent professional opinion before confirming the sale of your structured settlement payments.

Step 6 – On the day of your hearing date, the court will discuss your current situation, including any grievances you might have or your intended use of your structured settlement buyout. You are expected to be present at the hearing. The judge will use the evidence presented in court to decide if the sale of your structured settlement is in your best interest and will not cause future financial harm. If approved, you and your annuity issuer/owner will negotiate and sign a written stipulation with RSL Funding.

Step 7 – A final review of the court order will be signed and executed by the judge. RSL Funding takes care of the rest by preparing the deal for funding.

Step 8 – Your structured settlement payments will close permanently (if you engage in a full sale of your settlement) or for a certain number of months or years (if you sell part of your settlement).

Final Step – Get your cash!

All-in-all, selling your structured settlement payments shouldn’t be a difficult process. If you’re still asking, “How do I sell my structured settlement?” give us a call. When you reach out to RSL Funding, you’ll experience a smooth, easy transfer guided by trained, experienced professionals. Call us at 800.543.6513 or fill out the quote request form to get started.

You can also use our annuity calculator to determine the present value of your structured settlement, annuities and lottery payments.

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