Novation structured settlements


Novation structured settlements

Sell Your Structured Settlements to Finance a Project

Selling Structured Settlements for Maximum Lump Sum Payouts

Receiving a structured settlement as a result of a personal injury or similar lawsuit is a slow and steady source of income. However, life doesn’t always keep to a schedule and the periodic payments of a structured settlement may not come fast enough to keep up with your financial needs. Selling your structured settlement payments can supply you with the extra cash you may need now.

Quick Decisions and Maximum Payouts

Since 2000, Novation Settlement Solutions has been providing quick decisions and maximum payouts to people looking to sell their structured settlements. When you contact Novation, you’ll be reaching the most respected structured settlement purchaser in the industry. We always provide a free consultation and will work closely with you to obtain the best possible solution to suit your current needs.   We’ve purchased over $1.2 billion in structured settlements, annuities, and other cash flows from people whose scheduled payments aren’t aligned with their current financial circumstances. Cash waiting in a structured settlement stream can alleviate emergencies like medical bills, property damage, and unemployment.

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Personalized Solutions

At Novation Settlement Solutions, we develop a personal relationship with all our customers. Whether you need to sell all or part of your structured settlement, our expert funding executives will personalize a solution to suit your current needs. Selling future payments for upfront cash is a major life decision that we don’t take lightly. Our 97% success rate for court approvals on selling structured settlements is the product of our dedication to achieving the best for each and every customer.

Have Questions about the Structured Settlements Purchase Process?

For all your questions on the structured settlement selling process, check our structured settlements FAQs and get answers to frequently asked questions, ranging from “Is it the right time for me to sell my settlements?”, to “What are the regulations in my state when selling part or all of a settlement?”, to “Can I sell another part of my structured settlement?”

Sell Your Annuity Payment for Cash Quickly and Easily

Novation Settlement Solutions provides quick decisions and maximum payouts for selling your annuity payments

Novation is the Most Respected Annuity Purchaser

Novation Settlement Solutions is the most respected annuity purchaser in the business. We have experience purchasing over $1.2 billion in annuity payments and similar cash flow payments, and our court approval rate is the highest in the industry. If your scheduled annuity payments aren’t right for you, Novation will help you get cash for your annuity payments.

Annuity Payments Are Not Often Flexible

Investing in an annuity can result in a slow and steady stream of income over a period of years or even a lifetime. However, as many annuity purchasers experience, your payment schedule is often rigid and not adjustable to your changing circumstances, therefore offering little flexibility in pulling out your money. Any attempts to withdraw the money before you reach the age 59 ½ can result in an early withdrawal penalty and regular income tax on your investment earnings. While annuities can be an effective vehicle for saving money for retirement, when it comes to emergency funding you don’t have much flexibility. Novation understands that you can’t always predict the future and our team of professionals are here to help you find a solution to your finances. Contact us today to speak to one of our professionals on how you can turn your annuity payments into cash now.

Selling Your Annuity Payment: Get Answers to Your Questions!

 Don’t let your questions unanswered!  If you’re looking for more information on how to get cash for your annuity, check annuity payments FAQs page!

Budgeting Your Money to Prevent Overspending

Spending money can be too easy. Online shopping from cell phones and personal computers, give you the opportunity to make purchases from the comfort of your own home. An array of appealing merchandise awaits you three clicks away and the result can be an empty bank account, a high credit card bill, or too many days until payday. Creating a budget plan can help you keep your finances and spending on track while assisting you with saving for the future. A monthly budget doesn’t need to be complicated Use these budget planning tips to get started today!

How to Budget Your Money – Three Different Ways

How to Budget Your Money – Three Different Ways Different solutions work for different people. Choose the method that fits best with your thinking, as well as the one you are most likely to use. Remember, this tool should encourage you to use it, not put you off, so don’t be afraid to change your method if it doesn’t work for you!

The Bare-Bones Method

For those who are self-employed, the bare-bones method may work well. This method starts with your lowest possible monthly income to create a plan for your living necessities while other bills are paid as money becomes available. Prioritize your monthly expenses by what is most important. Expenses such as mortgage payments, utility bills, and food fall into this category.

The Fixed and Variable Expenses Method

With this method, you will need to divide your expenses into two categories: expenses that remain the same month-to-month, and expenses that may fluctuate. You cannot lower fixed expenses, but you may be able to lower payments for variable expenses. By evaluating your spending this way, you can potentially to lower your costs. Fixed bills may include car insurance, mortgage or rent, and other predictable expenses. Variable expenses might include eating out, recreation, and other discretionary spending you can possibly eliminate.

The 50/30/20 Method

Using this system, you break down your expenditures into three categories, which will take up 50%, 30%, and 20% of your net income. Your essential spending, such as utility bills, housing bills, and food allowance fall into the 50 category. The 30 category includes your discretionary and unnecessary expenses. You will use the 20 category for future goals, repayment of debts, and retirement savings. Should your current expenditures not fit into these categories, you may have some additional work to do. This, however, is the strength of creating a plan to budget your money. It provides a tool for allocating and controlling the funds you earn each month.

Tracking Your Budget

You should track your spending to make the most of your budget. You can use a paper system if you prefer to write out information for the most personal tracking. Spreadsheets also offer both utility and customization. Apps for tablets, phones, and web browsers also offer interfaces written specifically for budgeting.

Structured Settlement Payments for Your Short-Term Needs

Although these budget planning tips can help you going forward, you may need more immediate funds to reconcile your expenses. Selling structured settlement payments, can provide the money you require for a short-term needs. Contact Novation Settlement Solutions for more information and solutions to address your specific needs. *Novation is not a financial advisor or consultant and strongly recommends that you speak to a lawyer or accountant before making any significant financial decisions.

All Year Round Tax Savings Tips

Taxes are an obligation that you do not want to have to deal with more than once a year, even though the best tax advice says taxes should be on your mind throughout the entire year.  Consider these tax saving tips as you plan for the financial year ahead. If your tax planning did not turn out as you hoped this year, there are steps you can take to mitigate the expenses incurred a structured settlement for cash can assist with making up any shortfalls.

Don’t Miss Deductions

Valid deductions are a good way to save money on your taxes, but it’s easy to miss some as you prepare your annual tax paperwork. While many deductions are commonly known others are less so. Be certain to check with a finance professional if you have questions regarding your eligibility for specific deductions.

Healthcare Premiums

You may be able to deduct a percentage of healthcare premiums if you pay them in part with after-tax funds. Self-employed individuals who are not eligible for a spouse’s benefits have the threshold on healthcare premiums waived. Consult your financial professional codes for guidance.

AGI Deductions

You may also be able to deduct some expenses if they exceed 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income, or AGI. Other expenses do not need to exceed this number. Examples include the interest paid on student loans, alimony, or moving expenses in the event of a work-related relocation over 50 miles from your current place of residence.

Other deductions can include:

  • Travel costs for charity events
  • Fees for refinancing a mortgage
  • Costs for child care and babysitting
  • Payments to financial advisors

Tax Planning Advice for the Year Ahead

Even when tax season is months away, you can still take steps to save money on taxes the next time you prepare them. Diligence throughout the year will pay dividends in the future.

Those expecting an end-of-year bonus may wish to see if it can be deferred until the New Year to avoid paying taxes in a higher bracket.

Contribute as much as possible to tax-deferred retirement savings accounts. The taxes on these funds won’t be due until you start withdrawing them after retirement, and deposits may even be tax-deductible. Familiarize yourself with contribution limits, laws, and restrictions to ensure you receive the maximum possible benefit from your contributions.

When choosing charitable donations, remember you can give more than cash. Donations of bonds, stock shares, mutual funds, or property may allow you to avoid paying capital gains on them. You may also be able to deduct their current market value from your taxes.

Parents can set up custodial accounts for their children under the age of 21. Some of the earnings on these funds may be exempt from taxes.

Financing the Unexpected at Tax Time

Tax season may bring unexpected expenses with it. Many Americans without adequate tax planning advice find themselves responsible for high bills they did not anticipate. If you discover you owe more than you can afford, selling structured settlement payments may provide you with the money you need to pay off your debt.

For more information on your options, contact Novation Settlement Solutions today.

*Novation is not a financial advisor or consultant and strongly recommends that you speak to a lawyer or accountant before making any significant financial decisions.

Choosing a Structured Settlement Purchaser

People often seek to sell an annuity for cash when a crisis strikes, or a difficult situation has made the transaction a must. Yet many discover structured settlement companies that make a bad situation worse. The result of selecting the wrong company can be added stress, loss of time, and less money for necessities. If you are looking to sell your structured settlement payments, you want to ensure you receive your lump sum in a timely manner without added worries. Here are some hints for choosing a structured settlement company that will simplify your life!

Use the Past to Predict the Future

When you sell annuity payments for cash, you place a tremendous amount of trust in the company you choose. Choosing a structured settlement company carries as much weight as selecting a bank or investment firm.  Just as you would educate yourself about the background of those firms, you should also do research on the companies you’re considering. It’s important to know how long the company has been in business. A company with a long and successful history is one you can feel good about. Purchasing structured settlements requires an understanding of all laws and regulations, as well as the ability to resolve the transaction in the most efficient, convenient way for the customer. Choosing a Structured Settlement Purchaser

Choose Efficiency, Empathy, and Integrity

For many, the decision to sell your annuity for cash comes at an already stressful time. Additional anxiety from a long quote process or apathy on the part of structured settlement companies multiplies the pressure. The right company, on the other hand, can leave you feeling hopeful about the future. While there are numerous companies you can do choose to do business with, take the time to truly understand your needs. The company you choose should provide you with quotes in a timely manner, and should invest both time and resources into your case. You deserve a company that will treat you with respect, patience, and empathy for your situation. Structured settlement companies should have your interests in mind as they proceed with your transaction. You should have confidence in their customer service and their willingness to answer your questions.

What the Best Companies Look Like

An ideal structured settlement company will be able to guide you through the process. They will keep you informed of any changes that may occur, as well as the particulars of your case. Throughout the process, you will feel in control of all decisions, and will not feel badgered to commit to selling more payments than you choose. You will feel respected and valued as a customer every step of the way.

Choose a Knowledgeable Structured Settlement Company

Selecting an honest company who puts your interests first is the most important step in selling your structured settlement payments for cash. If you have questions about your unique situation, contact Novation Settlement Solutions today for a knowledgeable, honest evaluation. *Novation is not a financial advisor or consultant and strongly recommends that you speak to a lawyer or accountant before making any significant financial decisions.

Tackling the 3 Biggest Family Financial Problems

Few families have escaped the consequences of the depressed economy that dominated the news until recently, or avoided the pinch of either debt or high health care costs. Family financial issues can lead to divorce and other emotional woes, which add to the economic distress of those involved.

Solving family financial problems takes dedicated effort on behalf of all involved. With diligence and good planning, families can break free of the fiscal troubles that plague them. Here are three top money issues modern families face, as well as ways to deal with them.

1. Insufficient household income to meet financial obligations

One of the simplest yet most prevalent issues facing families is a household income insufficient to pay for all expenses. Unemployment, underemployment, high childcare costs, and other factors may create a situation where families feel unable to get ahead. In such situations, saving becomes impossible, and unmanageable debt is difficult to avoid. To escape the low-income trap, examine your monthly expenses as well as expenditures. A hard, honest look at unnecessary spending vs. necessary expenses can help you to lower your monthly commitments. You may also wish to downsize your housing, choose public transit over driving, and plan your meals so you eat out less.

2. Overabundance of debt

Debt comes in many forms. Credit card debt has become far more common, as families supplement insufficient income with credit to make ends meet. Student loans often pose a real problem to those starting out in life. Medical debt follows high health care costs. Many people with too much debt can only afford to pay the interest on the account, rather than the principle, which can turn into a vicious cycle.

The only way to escape the cycle is to make paying off debt a priority. Pay off the accounts with the highest interest rate first, then move on to the next. Pay more than the minimum amount to make headway into the principle instead of paying only the interest. As tempting as it may be, avoid going further into debt while you pay off what you already owe.

3. Lack of agreement in financial values

In many households, one partner is inclined to save, while the other may be a spender. This can create a disparity in how both sides handle expenditures. One may hide purchases, or make big purchases without consulting the other, to avoid disagreements. A lack of honest communication then creates large financial problems that could have been avoided.

It is important for both partners to get on the same page regarding financial matters. Agree to discuss large purchases in advance. Set a household budget and stick to it so each partner has realistic expectations. Create compromises whenever possible, and take steps to avoid heated arguments when honest communication will be much more productive.

Get back on track with our help

If you are considering ways of solving financial problems, and you have considered selling an annuity or structured settlement payments to alleviate debt, contact Novation Settlement Solutions today. Our experts have years of experience in the sale of structured settlement payments, and will be happy to craft a solution that meets your specific needs. Novation is not a financial advisor or consultant and strongly recommends that you speak to a lawyer or accountant before making any significant financial decisions.

*Novation is not a financial advisor or consultant and strongly recommends that you speak to a lawyer or accountant before making any significant financial decisions.

Smart Budgeting Tips for the Holidays

The holidays give us the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. While it’s tempting to splurge on the most delicious food and exciting gifts, these can come with a wince-worthy price tag. Going overboard during the holidays can leave you with regrets for months to come, instead of further reasons to be thankful.

Creating a budget for your holiday can help you stay on track for a memorable season without financial stress. Furthermore, a solid plan can give you additional time to enjoy the parts of the holiday that matter most! These smart budgeting tips can help:

Budget Your Money and Your Time

For a stress-free celebration, it is critical to determine what is most important to you. Outline your priorities and expectations, and rank them in the order of importance. Once this is accomplished, you can allow your priorities to dictate the flow of the day.

Organize your Priorities

Create a budget based on your stated priorities. Be honest with yourself about how much you can afford to spend in total. You can now allocate a reasonable amount for food for the holiday meal, decorations,, and any entertainment or activities you want to participate in during the celebration.

Think outside the box for ways to stretch your resources! If you hope for a large feast, consider asking guests to bring side dishes or beverages to help out. Should your holiday family tradition include seeing a film, you might consider a movie night in the comfort of your home instead of a more expensive theater.

Sticking to the Budget

While creating a budget can be challenging, sticking to it can be even more difficult. It’s very easy to compromise first on one amount, then another, until the entire affair has ballooned out of control! Consider these smart tips for staying within your budget boundaries!

  • Plan your menu. Be realistic about how much food you need to both feed everyone and enjoy your favorite dishes.
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it! Impulse purchases can throw your budget off course. Avoid them!
  • Wherever possible, buy in bulk. Popular bulk warehouse stores often have quality items for less money than you would find in smaller amounts at traditional supermarkets.
  • Be aware of sales and available coupons. You can significantly lower your holiday expenses by taking advantage of discount offers at local stores.
  • Consider shopping at discount stores for decorations, serving items, or paper napkins and plates. Inexpensive paper goods can leave more room in the budget for special, quality items.
  • Alcoholic beverages can become expensive. Consider cutting them out of your celebration altogether, or asking your guests to bring their own.

Stay on Track with Structured Settlement Payments

Selling some of your structured settlement payments could provide the funds you need, whether it’s for clearing a debt or buying a home. Our experts at Novation Settlement Solutions have years of experience in the sale of structured settlement payments. Contact us today for more information.

*Novation is not a financial advisor or consultant and strongly recommends that you speak to a lawyer or accountant before making any significant financial decisions.

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